Google & Bing Certified

Mr. Manhas is a professional Digital Marketer, Google & Bing Certified SEO professional, Expert in Managing Teams, Team Trainings, PPC, eCommerce Platforms like Amazon, Etsy, EBay, Walmart, Alibaba and building CMS like Woocommerce, Shopify and many others, Specialist in Google ranking, Social media marketing, Content marketing, Product sales, Dropshipping, Brank Building, and a lot more about online business that you can imagine. 

Completed masters in 2021 from University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen Germany and realized the importance of Digital marketing there in any field of line and enhanced the skills by working in different companies like SEM solutions, and Frishay LTD as a CEO and server for company , which generated 600% of sales in just first 3 months of starting the company. Passionate about the marketing Strategies and can fly your company around the sky within days only !

A Professional Digital Marketer

Who can help you grow within days as helped many companies in his career. A True professional, Committed to hi work and aim is your success in your business, smallest to the largest business nothing is out of his professionalism !

Team Building, Managing, Training and with the combination of eCommerce, PPC , Sales and marketing including email marketing, Search Engine Marketing or Social media marketing, One man can help you to achieve all your goals.